Sep 1, 2011

Just Another Day

Today is my wedding anniversary or should be except there is no marriage to celebrate. Last year I got flowers unfortunately they were sent by my sister in law and I'm sorry to me it doesn't count. The truth is all my anniversaries felt like a countdown as opposed to a celebration. Like well he stayed around another year. We spent our first and last two anniversaries apart. And out of the four we spent together I can only recall one where I got flowers in the morning and in the afternoon and a shopping trip and dinner at Branson Landing. We had a great time but looking back I know that the affair had already started and it taints my happy memory. So my only memory of a great anniversary is tainted and yet I'm still sad today and I wonder why. We would have been apart today too as he is back on active duty so I'm not missing much. I guess what I'm really wondering is if he is thinking about it or is today just another day to him.

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