Oct 7, 2012

Something Like Olivia Two Months

Miss O is 2 months old!! Time is flying and she's so dang cute. On her 2 month birthday we had her dressed up for the big game. She loves watching sports with her daddy. Well actually she likes to watch TV no matter what is on. I swear at night I get worried she's going to have a seizure when we watch TV in bed. She's still in her bassinet in our room, I'm just not ready to send her to her big girl crib yet.

I know the bow is huge, this is the only big one she has.
Speaking of being a big girl, we haven't been to her 2 month appointment yet so we don't know how much she has gained or grown but the comparison pictures don't lie.

She's much longer than Brutus now! Don't you just love her ruffled butt jeggings?? This month has been busy for us we spent a lot of time taking care of Grandma who had back surgery. We took this cute picture while waiting for her at the doctors office.
We had our Cardinals gear on!
I finally busted out the stroller and we went for a walk, it took me longer to figure out the stroller than our walk did as I was out of breath after about ten minutes. I lost that initial 30 pounds but am having trouble with the other 30 pounds, we joined a new gym and I have my first personal training session this week. I feel guilty leaving her to go work out but boyfriend says I need to have time for myself. He's probably right.
The weather had been so nice I actually got to put Olivia in some outfits that I didn't think would be the right season. She's in 3 months clothes already so this outfit and sandals got to make an appearance after all. Seriously look how long she is!

I'm headed back to work on the 17th. I got to push it back a week due to an FMLA loophole. I could have pushed it back even farther but work is getting impatient and I need a few favors from them so I didn't want to push my luck. I will be working 6:30am (yikes for a person like me who is NOT a morning person) till 3pm and am in the process of getting approved to work from home on Fridays since our sitter goes to school. It'll be nice to be home about the same time as teenager and since boyfriend can drop Olivia off we are really cutting down on the time she has to spend at the babysitters. Luckily we found a private sitter so she doesn't have to go to daycare!! I'm so excited I was dreading the thought of daycare, now she will have someone who can pay attention to her all day! I feel like we just keep getting blessed over and over. Often I think I don't deserve blessings not being a church goer right now and maybe not always choosing the best path. But I'm starting to realize I'm on the right path for me and I think I am being blessed for it. I know going back to work is going to be the hardest thing I have every had to do and it sucks that it's necessary but for now it's a financial must. If you have a chance on the 17th and little thought or prayer my way would be great :)

I'm having a little more time to think about my blog so I hope I'm going to be posting more often now. So maybe it won't be a month before I work in another post.

One more pic just for fun, this is Roxy and her new best friend. Bailey wants nothing to do with the baby she steers clear but Roxy wants all over the baby as you can see.

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