Feb 16, 2013

Marry Me

Well I'm very behind on blogging and I had a quick moment were everyone is happy and content and I have both hands available for typing. Who knows how long it will last so I'll type fast.

Big news happened in November and this is how long it takes to announce it on my blog!


Ok so my followers know this isn't my first trip to the altar but in a way it is. I've actually never been engaged before. I've never been officially asked and a ring placed on my finger so this was a big day for me.

It happened on my birthday and in true fashion did not go the way boyfriend planned. I always sleep in on Saturdays so the plan was to feed me breakfast in bed and the ring be included on the tray. For some reason on this Saturday I woke up and strolled into the living room. Boyfriend is making french toast what a great surprise!! He says oh I was going to bring you breakfast in bed and I say it's ok I'll just eat in here, he kept insisting, I kept insisting it was funny. So we eat breakfast and then I say I'm getting in the shower because I have a sister shopping day planned. Often on Saturdays I take Olivia in the shower with me and wash her first then pass her out to daddy. So I say I'm taking Olivia come and get her in a few minutes and he says how long do I have? I say about 7 minutes. Little do I know in these 7 minutes he is quickly scrambling to find the bag that the ring goes in as he had already pitched it because the box was supposed to be on the breakfast tray and set it out on the table with my birthday card. I give him the baby and finish my shower. When I come back to the kitchen there's a small black bag and a card (wish I would have taken a pictured of it) I read the card and the last line is: I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. So I think is this it?!?!?!?! Let's be honest I thought it might never happen. We both had been burned in the marriage department maybe what we had wasn't broke so why fix it? So I open the bag and the most beautiful ring box I have ever seen is there and I start getting really excited and I open the box and there it is. A beautiful emerald cut diamond solitaire, and it's pretty damn big!! I start crying as the man I love so much holding the baby I love so much asks me to marry him. He didn't get down on one knee because he's an old man and has bad knees :) (he will kill me for saying that). Of course I say yes. Then in a way only I can say "it's so tiny" I meant the size of the ring (I'm a 4) but it came out it's a tiny diamond. Only I can ruin a great moment with my verbal Tourette's. Then immediately I think of a Friends moment when Monica says "you are likely to take a wife!!"

I was so happy and then I was sad because I was going with my sisters and just had to rush off after getting engaged. It was fun though to tell my sisters sorry I'm late I was busy getting engaged!!

The plan is to wait until Summer 2014, this will give us time to save up and have the weddings we want, give me some time to lose some more baby weight, and give me some time to be comfortable leaving Olivia for our honeymoon. We are going to have a ceremony in fiance's hometown and then do a destination beach wedding for us and our friends that want to tag along.

I'm so excited to have a real wedding to a man who I love so much. I often say he's my Prince Charming but in a way he's more like the fairy godmother. He transformed me into a better version of myself. He makes me feel like a princess everyday. Sometimes I feel like the clock will strike and I'll go back to scrubbing floors but I don't think the other shoe is going to drop. I think I will get to be a princess for the rest of my life.

A few pictures of the engagement, we were having family pictures done so we had Adam take a few for us. We will do an official session this summer. Check out Defined Image Photography!!!
I was dying to do this pose!

Watching his face while Adam was trying to place the ring
and him worrying it was going to fall into the creek was hilarious!!

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